Motorcycle Insurance

Live Life On An Open Road

Love riding your motorcycle? Want to enjoy freedom on the road? Get the motorcycle insurance that’s right for you. Motorcycle insurance protects the motorcycle owner from liability. If your bike is involved in an accident, you must ensure to have adequate coverage, including medical coverage, property damage, and other types.

Choose The Right Coverage

At Lachman Insurance Agency, we believe in the importance of suitable coverage for motorcycles. We’ll help you select from a wide range of specialized motorcycle insurance plans designed to keep you protected when you’re out there on the road and vulnerable to risks.

We offer affordable rates and an in-depth explanation of what motorcycle insurance coverage does and does not cover.

Protect yourself against unexpected incidents, accidents, and injuries.

Motorcycle insurance is an important coverage that helps protect you and your ride from the unexpected.

Types of Motorcycles Insured

Factory-built motorcycles – Motor scooters – Classic motorcycles – Minibikes – Custom motorcycles – Trail bikes and many more